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        Responsibility achievement depth, innovation achievement accuracy
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        Tabang insists on the policy of employing talents with talents, talents and talents. Taiwan state attaches special importance to the working conditions of employees, promises to protect the health and safety of their employees, cultivate their skills and promote diversified development.

        Welcome to Taibang Motor Industrial Group Co., Ltd.

        Recruitment position

        Commitment to employees

        • Respect for talents

          Respect for talents

          Adhere to the "talent is the most valuable asset in the enterprise," the competitiveness of enterprises overall strength, in the final analysis is the talent competition. Enterprises have a first-class talent, companies will be invincible in the competition. To have talent, we must first of all have a good atmosphere of valuing talent in the enterprise. Based on the talent concept of "respecting, trusting and relying on talented people", the company has established a working, learning and living environment with the characteristics of Taibang culture so that employees' personal independence, personal dignity and personal rights are fully respected and can often Feel the understanding, care and help from the big family, so that employees have a real sense of identity, security, sense of belonging to the business.

        • Ensure work health and safety

          Ensure work health and safety

          Taipang solemnly pledges to ensure the health and safety of its employees at work. This commitment has been incorporated into the group prevention charter, which includes controlling occupational risks, monitoring the effectiveness of preventive measures, and taking continuous improvement measures. Our responsibility is to control occupational risks, monitor and improve workplace health and safety.

        • Develop staff skills and promote diversity

          Develop staff skills and promote diversity

          As a socially responsible company, Taibang pays special attention to the development and management of employee's talents. The Group is also committed to the day-to-day fight against all forms of discrimination by respecting equality between men and women and recruiting disabled employees - to combat all forms of discrimination.

          Enterprises also adhere to the staff with "win-win" strategic thinking, and strive to create a good environment, so that individuals and organizations grow together for the development of talent to build a broad stage. Companies to technological innovation as their own business booming source, beyond the motivation of self. The company will continue to introduce new products, and strive to own products not only leading in the country, but also in the international leader.