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        Responsibility achievement depth, innovation achievement accuracy
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        R & D Manager
        time:2017-09-11 08:28:00
        Number of recruits: 1
        Post duties
        First, job summary: responsible for establishing and improving product design, product improvement, new product trial production, and technical information management system, ensuring effective support for orderly production and sales business development.
        Two. The main contents of the work:
        1., compile the company's recent technology research and development plan, compile long-term technological development and technological measures plan, and organize a series of technical organization and management for planning, planning, revising, supplementation and implementation.
        2. reasonable compilation of technical documents to improve and standardize the design process
        3. technical regulations related to the use, maintenance and technical safety of the products.
        4. conscientiously do a good job of reviewing and filing technical drawings and technical data.
        5. is responsible for the company's new technology introduction and product development work plan and implementation, to pursuit that the product variety is constantly updated and expanded.
        6. timely collect and collate the development information of domestic and foreign products, and grasp the trend of product development in time.
        7. to guide, handle, coordinate and solve the technical problems in the process of product processing in time to pursuit the normal production work.
        8., develop the company's technical personnel development plan, grasp the training of technical management talents, manage technical team, plan and recommend professional and technical personnel, and do well in business training and management.
        Three. Conditions of service:
        Educational background: mechatronics, mechanical, electrical and electrical specialties or above.
        Training content: product design, product R &amp; D process related knowledge training.
        Work experience: more than 10 years of mechanical or motor related work experience, familiar with the reducer or motor design. More than 3 years management experience in technical department manager.
        Knowledge skills:
        1. familiarity with the principle, structure and performance of product design
        2. master AutoCAD and other related Cartographic Design Software
        Personal quality:
        1. careful work and strong sense of responsibility
        2. strong communication, organization and coordination ability
        3. awareness and ability to deal with abnormal problems
        4. strong judgment and decision-making ability, plan and execution.
        Contact information
        Sixty-two million six hundred and sixty-one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five