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        Responsibility achievement depth, innovation achievement accuracy
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        Technical Engineer
        time:2017-09-11 08:30:00
        Number of recruits: a number of names
        Post duties
        First, post summary: process design, tooling fixture progress tracking, field technology treatment, new product trial production guidance, tracking.
        Two. The main contents of the work:
        1. responsible for the design of the product process documents, the design of fixture and fixture, responsible for the correctness and integrity of the data
        2. is responsible for the tracking of the manufacturing process of the tooling, the verification of the corresponding fixture and the fixture, and the participation in the field process discipline inspection
        3. in time to solve the technical problems in the field, and constantly improve and improve the quality and efficiency of the products through process improvement and improvement
        4. strictly enforce the regulation of change management of process documents to pursuit the validity of process documents
        5. responsible for the formulation of material consumption quota
        6. to collect and apply the advanced technical data of related products to the practical work, and to collect and collate the relevant technical data
        7. complete the other work done by the superior
        8. to guide, handle, coordinate and solve the technical problems in the process of product processing in time to pursuit the normal production work.
        9. other temporary jobs arranged by the superior leaders.
        Three. Conditions of service:
        Education background: mechanical manufacturing, mechatronics college or above.
        Training content: mechanical manufacturing technology, reducer and motor related knowledge.
        Working experience: familiar with machining process and assembly process, have relevant mechanical manufacturing process knowledge, have worked in gearbox or motor manufacturing process design for more than 5 years.
        Knowledge skills: to be proficient in using common office software, AutoCAD drawing software.
        Personal quality: self-learning ability, communication ability, planning and implementation ability, dedication, and the courage to take responsibility.
        Contact information
        Sixty-two million six hundred and sixty-one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five