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        The development direction of the Taiwan state group in the current market environment and economic situation
        2017-09-11 09:20:00 source:本站 views:3578

        On the evening of November 11th, Chen Chunliang, chairman of Taiwan group, held a report on the direction of development under the current market environment and economic situation, and nearly 70 employees of the group leader and above attended the conference.

        Chen Chunliang, chairman of the board, first gave a heartfelt thanks to every employee of the company. The company's future development space is the best professional platform for employees. We hope every employee in the company can develop their talents and grow together with the company. At the meeting, the chairman briefly described the development process of the group and the development of the motor market, and analyzed the 4 trends of the current motor development: 1, mechatronics; 2, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection; 3, multiple varieties; 4, safety and reliability. Taking years of strategic thinking and practice in business management and combined with the status quo of Taiwan group, chairman of the board of directors, "high-end products and maximizing user interests" is the future trend of Taiwan group. The enterprise should take the specialized road, the product specialization, the serialization, the fine and the industrialization, which can be trusted "big and full".

        The report is rich in connotation and profound in thought, and has played an important role in the development of the Taiwan state group.