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        Responsibility achievement depth, innovation achievement accuracy
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        From a small manufacturing company to be the Group , starting with gear motor, developed into a research and development, production and sales of professional firms
        To meet your needs is our aim

        Taibang provide you with more than just high-performance products, more industry users tailored package of application solutions, based on corporate issues, to provide users with the most suitable products, the most suitable solution. Lead the customer innovation through the products and service, help the customer realize the maximum benefit.

        In order to meet the demand of customers for high quality products, Taibang imported more than 1500 sets of imported and domestic equipment, including "HAAS" machining center in the United States, "HAMAI" hobbing machine in Japan, Germany thread grinder, Japan gear comprehensive detector, Sino- Small Giant CNC machine tools, Qinchuan grinding machines and other equipment. First-class equipment and improve the quality management system for the quality of the products provide a reliable guarantee.

        Continued development of the state ? 1995: Taiban set up micro-micro-motor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Beijing with the Ministry of Aerospace and Peking University, scientific research experts jointly ? 2000: Taiban set up branch offices in Yueqing Zhejiang ? 2005: Zhejiang Taibang Motor Industrial Co., Ltd. was established subsequently set up Dongguan Taiwan State Industrial Co., Ltd. ? 2012: Shanghai Taibang Motor Co., Ltd. was established ? 2014: Approved new plant land for Phase II of Yueqing National Economic Park in Zhejiang Province, expected to be completed and put into operation by 2018 with a new 120,000 square meters automated manufacturing base